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Tweenty Three

Den unge video marketings virksomhed Tweenty Three renoverede deres lokaler i centrum af København. Dette i samarbejde med Arkitekt Dario Cervellin.
Living Art var så heldige at få mulighed for at lave meget smukke gardinløsninger, hvor der blev brugt masser af tekstiler som rumdeler, private zoner, store og små mødelokaler.
Og der blev brugt et væld af smukke farver og kombinationer. @kvadrat
Vi håber billederne kan inspirere alle vores gode kunder og samarbejdspartnere.

Dario Cervellin udtaler:

TwentyThree is video marketing company, located in an old warehouse in central Copenhagen.

The refurbishment’s aim was to align the existing office space with new uses, habits and processes – a contemporary office functioning more as a hub rather than a traditional office.
In this sense, a key element of the project was the research and definition of three daily activities: focus, meet and create, each of them associated to a specific color.

With a reference to the digital world, RGB (red, green, blue) became a straight-forward colour palette when making recognisable the different functions and spaces. ’Focus’ got associated to blue tones, ‘meet’ to red tones, and ‘create’ to green tones.

Over the three floors office space, curtains have a fundamental role and have been selected for several reasons.
It was necessary functional element to create privacy in the meeting rooms, to divide the big open spaces, but at the same time keeping their flexibility. As well it was important to improve the acoustic of the rooms.
Beside the functional aspects, the colours helped to create an eclectic and bold look to the overall interiors. Matching the furniture and rugs tones was key during the selection process.
Finally, it was relevant for the client knowing that each curtain could also turn into perfect backdrops for the many in-house filming.

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